How to write a comment in css file

Found Something Wrong in this Lesson? However the output is what it matters. Styles defined in corev The preprocessors probably save a lot of time, but they can't write a good architecture alone.

Here is the result when applied to the test page you know by now: This type of line commenting is often used for quick notes about complex and confusing code or to temporarily remove a line of PHP code. The last properties, font-variant and line-height, haven't been widely supported in browsers up to now and are therefore not as commonly used yet.

Second, since background images are aligned relative to the element they belong to, you would otherwise not always end up with a smooth background surface. Here is an example: Say you would like for h1 elements to be blue while the rest should be green.

Utilize CSS Inheritance If multiple child elements of a parent element use same styles on your web page, it will be better to define them for their parent element and let the CSS inheritance do all the work.

You may have another little logo image used in the footer.

Sass Basics

I used some good practices from other frameworks so, not all the credits go to me. It specifies what elements are affected by the declaration. For example, the typical form element is a great example of organelle. Type selectors are the simplest kind of selectors. I'll lose the styling. But we can achieve the same effect faster by grouping the declarations that relate to the same selector into a semicolon-separated listlike this: The nice thing about this feature is that you do not have to customize the XSL stylesheets at all.

Conservative estimates indicate that more than half the people on the Web use a CSS-enhanced browser, and the figures are steadily rising.

Using role as class name You may need to designate certain element instances as needing special formatting in your HTML output. Using color names is handy and easy to understand, but most computer screens today are capable of displaying over 16 million colors.

If you would like to read the CSS specifications themselves, you can find them from: Using BEM, our little example will be transformed to: CSS is not a programming language, and in the above example, the order is irrelevant.

By using it, you can shorten your style sheets and set values on all properties it replaces. There are two main principles: At that moment, I decided that the framework will contain only atoms. You use a text editor to create a separate CSS stylesheet file that contains all the style information, and then associate that stylesheet with all of your HTML files.

So, check the compiled version regularly.

How to Make a Css Stylesheet in Notepad

We just have to find them, learn what they do and how they work. To make examples easier to read, we have chosen not to wrap style sheets in HTML comments, but we do use the type attribute throughout this book.

Now, say, you would like to set the same color on all elements in your document.

Lesson 2: Applying Color in CSS

The organisms are something which is build of molecules.I think that using jQuery for the textarea is not necessary. I’d rather use CSS pseudo-classes (Hover, active, focus). CSS Examples CSS Templates CSS Examples CSS Quiz CSS Exercises CSS Certificate CSS References CSS comments.

CSS syntax explained. CSS Colors. Set the background color of an element Set the text color Set the border color Set different color.

Sass (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets)

Basic PHP File Handling — Create, Open, Read, Write, Append, Close, and Delete. comment comment comment comment 8 What does CSS stand for Colorful Style Sheets from ENGINEERIN COE at Moi University. Comment comment comment comment 8 what does css stand ("alert") 19 How do you write an IF statement in JavaScript?


if. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.

Aug 20,  · jQuery Library file is included in download file of this tutorial.

Simple way to write JSON to file

2. Create a CSS File. Now create a file and paste the following styles in it.

How to write a comment in css file
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