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Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories

Pyramid building is a specialized form of construction. One ship returned and told of the current that seemed like a river in the middle of the ocean. Romeo Hristov argues that a Roman ship, or the drifting of such a shipwreck to the American shores, is a possible explanation of archaeological finds like the Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca bearded head from ancient Rome Africans before columbus America.

Some were sculptures with African type features as well as African type hair.

Here’s proof that Africans settled in South America long before Columbus’s voyage

The civilization of Africa developed very sophisticated vessels. Also, where is the documentary? Anyway I don't know. The cotton seeds, banana plants, bottle gourd, jack bean and the West African yam all have African origin, and they suddenly appeared in the Americas without and explanation.

Not sure what ''proof'' you're demanding. At the other ends of the spectrum, to some degree people of color and Africans particularly are at the same time suffering.

Before Columbus, the Moors were in America

They are naturalistic in appearance. Any voyages made during this time would have resulted accidentally. Stirling led a joint team from the Smithsonian Institution and the National Geographic Society to unearth the startling archaeological find. The Olmec civilization was the first of these civilizations flourishing between and BC.

Today, the Ono and Bambara who are famous sea and river travelers have studied that same complex for thousands of years. Michael Coe felt the artist carving the sculptures did not have small enough tools to make smaller noses and lips. Other indications of their presence were remnants they left behind from the items they brought to the Americas with them from Africa.

All cultural and racial connections show this importand and crucial fact. In the Shango religion of Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Brazil and other parts of African-Americas, the very same religion as practiced by the Olmecs is still practiced.

North, South, East, Central. Annual parades are given around the country, and every year dignitaries participate in these festivities. More ancient Olmec heads discovered in the Americas Olmec type sculptures have also been found in parts of the U.

The Dogon of Mali specialize in the study of the Sirius star system and are experts in their accuracy and charting methods, without any telecopes. There are more, such as religion, tobacco, astronomy, and African animals that appeared in the Americas.

Both the Olmecs and the Shango worshippers in West Africa placed an emphasis on the religious significance of children in their religious practices. This area is now inhabited by the descendants of European settlers and African slaves who arrived just years ago.

Africans before columbus, South, East, Central. Also inside the house were found the remains of obsidian artifacts, which have a chemical signature that indicates the obsidian is from the Anadyr River valley in Russia.

This discovery in would indicate Africans were here before Columbus. This change would only have been performed if you knew you had a following or a side wind.

These pyramids also served the same dual purpose, tomb and temple. In retrospect, the book "A History of the African-Olmecs: The Ra I fell short of making the journey across the Atlantic. Contemporary archaeologists suggested that it was based on a tapir and his suggestions have generally been dismissed by subsequent research.

Portuguese traders procured not only various west African commodities such as ivory, peppers, textiles, wax, grain, copper, as well as captive African slaves for exporting.The Africans Who Discovered America Thousands Of Years Before Columbus by Nobody: pm On Mar 01, Olmec Head dated circa 1, BC [size=15pt]We know they were the builders of ancient American pyramids.

--Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America "One of the first documented instances of Africans sailing and settling in the Americas were black Egyptians led by King Ramses III, during the 19th dynasty in BC.

Long before Christopher Columbus set out for his first trip to the Americas ina number of Africans had already made this voyage. Although the Malians, led by King Abubakari II, made the.

Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories relate to visits or interactions with the Americas and/or indigenous peoples of the Americas by people from Africa, Asia, Europe, or Oceania before Columbus's first voyage to the Caribbean in Such contact is generally accepted in prehistory, but has been hotly debated in the historic period.

They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America. This book makes it possible for us to see clearly the unmistakable face and handprint of Black Africans in Pre-Columbian America, and their overwhelming impact.

Inan article was written by Basil Davidson, titled “Africans Before Columbus?” This article reflected on the information Columbus brought back from the New World. Alexander Von Wuthenau is a South American historian and he taught Pre-Columbian Art History at the University of the Americas.

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Africans before columbus
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